Case study: Renewable hydrogen trial in Tennant Creek

The Territory Government supports trials of hydrogen technology in the Territory and is keen to champion renewable hydrogen investment as part of the Territory’s transition to renewables.

The government’s Northern Territory (NT) Renewable Hydrogen Strategy outlines the Territory’s competitive advantages and how the Territory will leverage these advantages to be a centre of hydrogen technology research, production and use in Australia.

Water is a precious resource and a sustainable water source is critical to development of renewable hydrogen projects in the Territory.

April 2021

A joint venture from Australian companies Axcentium and Ahurei is trialling its new technology, Aqua AeremTM, which captures water from the atmosphere in arid environments.

The Aqua AeremTM technology provides an innovative approach to secure a sustainable water supply, which is an essential in the development of renewable hydrogen and will be particularly valuable in arid areas.

The trial was located in Tennant Creek for 12 weeks to collect local production data for further optimisation of the water capture process.

This technology provides an innovative solution for securing a sustainable water source for the production of renewable hydrogen in Tennant Creek.

This trial is the first stage of a pilot renewable hydrogen project that will ultimately produce renewable hydrogen for Territory Generation’s Tennant Creek Power Station to generate green energy as part of the electricity mix for the Tennant Creek community.

Tennant Creek’s high solar irradiance makes it an excellent location for renewable hydrogen production.

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