Investors and industry

The Territory’s vision is to be recognised as a leader in the world transition to renewable hydrogen (H2).

The Territory’s aspiration is to be an international scale renewable hydrogen technology research, production and downstream manufacturing centre.

The Territory is well-placed to achieve its hydrogen vision.

  • With significant tracts of land with high solar irradiance, the Territory is highly suited to large-scale solar renewable hydrogen developments.
  • With the Territory’s geographical proximity to Asia, being the closest Australian capital city port to key potential export markets in China, Japan and Korea, the deep sea port at Darwin offers timely delivery and lower transportation costs.
  • An established world-scale energy production and export industry underscores the Territory’s credentials as a competitive location for private investment with demonstrated capacity to deliver large-scale energy export projects.
  • The Territory is committed to facilitating and supporting investment to deliver its net-zero emissions vision.

The Territory Government’s Investment Territory team uses a case management approach to propel significant investments in the Territory.

Industry-specific case managers with relevant experience, skills and expertise will help guide projects through their development.

This may include development-related issues, advice on obtaining approvals or providing connections to relevant local contacts.

The team assists projects that align with the Territory’s long-term interests through the awarding of major project status. These projects benefit from efficient and consistent government processes through a central and single point of contact.

Major project status also means focused effort is provided to support proponents through government regulatory approval processes.

The Territory takes an investor-centric approach to development, and has a determined focus on removing unnecessary impediments to private investment.

The Territory Government is bolstering job creating projects and private investment with the appointment of three leaders, the Territory Investment Commissioner, Major Projects Commissioner, and Infrastructure Commissioner, as a key link between industry and government.

The Investment Commissioner and Major Projects Commissioners report to the Chief Minister, and have the authority to make recommendations to ministers and present to Cabinet. Together with their teams, they will build on the work Investment Territory has done over the past 18 months and actively pursue the investment and business reform needed to achieve the Territory Government’s goal of a $40 billion economy by 2030.

The Infrastructure Commissioner has a direct channel to the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics with this role established as part of Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission's recommendation to establish a strategic infrastructure planning and development function that plans for, coordinates and aligns infrastructure needs with industry and population growth.

A key aspect of the new body will be to work with Infrastructure Australia to deliver nationally significant infrastructure projects, and have a seat at the table with other Australia jurisdictions when it comes to bidding for infrastructure projects.

The Government is also progressing renewable energy export efforts, including through signing an agreement with Sun Cable, that will advance development of the $22 billion Australia-ASEAN Power Link which will be the largest solar farm and renewable energy system in the world.

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