Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Strategy

The Territory has embraced an aspirational target of net-zero emissions by 2050 and hydrogen can play a critical role in achieving this target.

The Territory is positioning itself to be at the forefront of the developing hydrogen industry and aspires to be an international scale renewable hydrogen technology research, production and downstream manufacturing centre.

To achieve this vision the Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Strategy has been developed. The strategy articulates the potential hydrogen opportunities and the Territory’s competitive advantages. The Territory will leverage these to be an Australian centre for hydrogen technology research, production and use.

Read the Northern Territory Hydrogen Strategy on the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade website.

Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Master Plan - A framework for the future

The Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Master Plan (the master plan) provides a framework for the development of a renewable hydrogen industry in the Northern Territory with a focus on enabling activities required to secure private sector investment.

The master plan builds on the Renewable Hydrogen Strategy’s vision to be a leader in the transition to renewable hydrogen as the Territory continues to adapt its priorities to the accelerating pace of renewable hydrogen industry development.

The master plan provides an analysis of the Territory’s renewable hydrogen aspirations and describes the foundational work required to build a renewable hydrogen industry that benefits the whole of the Territory.

Emerging industries such as renewable hydrogen will have a key role in the Northern Territory Government’s commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Forecasts show that if Australian hydrogen becomes the energy of the future, by 2050 GDP is estimated to be $26 billion higher than a business as usual scenario, with an added 16,900 full-time equivalent jobs.

If the Territory were to capture a similar proportion of Australia’s hydrogen production as it already has for natural gas, this could mean $3.7 billion in growth and 2,500 jobs.

To keep pace with the fast paced nature of renewable hydrogen industry, the master plan is designed to be a dynamic long-term planning document, with activities delivered in two parallel parts.

Part 1: Laying the foundations – will build the Territory’s competitive advantage and identify areas that require further development to optimise government and private sector investment. The Territory will focus on building the foundations to support the growth of a local renewable hydrogen industry and create opportunities for the early adoption of renewable hydrogen as a fuel source.

Part 2: Scaling to export - will be based on a detailed assessment of the international hydrogen market and supply chains. This reflects the nascent and developing nature of the renewable hydrogen industry and provides opportunity for the Territory to consider the alternative development pathways available to scale to export which could emerge as the industry and technology matures.

To find out more about the pathway to renewable hydrogen, read the Northern Territory Renewable Hydrogen Master Plan PDF (11.2 MB).

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