Service and suppliers

Growing the Territory's gas service and supply industry and maximising local content is key to building a vibrant and resilient economy and the goal is that by 2025 local participation in the gas industry supply chain will double to at least 50%. This has the potential to add an additional $1 billion to the Territory economy over the next ten years.

In tandem, a renewable hydrogen supply chain can also create opportunities for downstream value add and advanced manufacturing, including providing the feedstock for advanced manufacturing.

This is a significant opportunity for the Territory that we want to prepare for with immediacy. The flow on benefits of these cannot be underestimated.

In addition to presenting an attractive clean fuel source, renewable hydrogen also provides opportunities for local business innovation to deliver products or services directly to the hydrogen supply chain. This includes local businesses providing trade services, undertaking research and design work, and delivering elements of production, transport and storage services.

The renewable hydrogen masterplan introduces the concept of ‘green supply chains’.

A new renewable hydrogen industry encourages business to innovate in producing products that meet growing investor and consumer demand for low carbon emission products (‘green-tech’ products).

Investors and project proponents are expecting zero emissions whole-of-life supply chains for their products and services. Renewable hydrogen as energy feedstock or alternate fuel source creates opportunities for local business to decarbonise their operations and deliver a premium sustainable service to large-scale projects.

The Territory Government is has a clear objective of developing new and innovative industries and offerings to help achieve a sustainable $40 billion economy by 2030, underpinned by an ambitious and responsible renewables target for future generations.

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